Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Chemo Days for Cycle 6 are finished! Hurray!! Maura tolerated them okay, and her blood counts yesterday were pretty good. She has platelets (yes!); she has white blood cells (yes!). She's still pretty anemic, but we're working on that. The hurricane caused some delays in her schedule and confusion about her treatment, but everything is straightened out now and we're back on track.
Ten days without power, and not seeing much else besides the house and the hospital can get to anyone, and Maura was a bit down. Last week, before chemo, when Maura found out she didn't have to show up at the hospital for a whopping two days in a row, and I found out that there was still no electricity at work, we took advantage of the free time and set out to visit Kara in Austin. That sure chased Maura's blues away! The girls giggled and laughed and played and talked and talked. And when we got back home, we had electricity!!! The perfect end to a perfect outing.


Lauren said...

yaaay for fun times with Kara. being with friends always helps. and Yaay for electricity and round 6 being over I'm glad God has given you good fortune for this last round!

Erika said...

Ficamos felizes por saber que está tudo correndo bem Erin. Vocês estão sempre em nossas orações!A mãe do Rodrigo, D. Liana está mandando muitos beijos e me disse para lhe informar que sua casa está aberta para recebe-los!Um beijo especial para nossa guerreira Maura!Bjos a todos!!Saudade!