Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Laying Low

It has been a pretty good week. Maura's sisters were in town for the weekend, so they had some good sister time together. She misses them very much.
It's been over a week since the transfusions. Her red blood cell count has stayed high (for her) while her platelets dipped again, but not too much. She has since turned the corner and the platelet count is on it's way up. White cells, too. Therefore, plans have resumed for Chemo Cycle 7. Injections on Wednesday and Friday and Chemo starting on Monday.

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Lydia Patricia DeSouza said...

7 is my lucky number. Hey Maura, you never did make me that chili. i guess you'll have to make it for Thanksgiving. Joao and I are buying our tickets tomorrow. we tried today but you know...foreign bank accounts...everything has to be american in this country...Geez...