Monday, December 1, 2008

8 Days a Week

Today marked eight days in a row that Maura had to go to MD Anderson for blood work. Tomorrow will be nine. Actually, out of 18 days in this cycle so far, she has not gone to the hospital on only three of them. I'm not complaining, but rather, just pointing out how time-consuming this is. At the beginning of this experience I wrote that taking care of Maura would be a full-time commitment for her and for me, and it has been just that. Friends have helped in so many ways. I'm thankful that Jessica has sometimes taken Maura to the hospital or just come to the house to stay with her so I could go to work.
So, Maura's blood counts are still teetering and we are still on "transfusion watch". But Maura did not take the boosttheredbloodcells injection this cycle, and she has not yet needed a transfusion of red blood cells due to critically low hemoglobin. Her body seems to be maintaining on its own. Nice. And, although she needed a transfusion of platelets again this cycle, she seems to be turning the corner, and her platelets should be going up tomorrow.
Well, that was boring news, wasn't it! More exciting is that Maura has done exceptionally well this cycle. She has felt good, and has enjoyed the company of both her sisters over the Thanksgiving weekend. She cooked the pumpkin pies, the cherry pie, and a banana pudding thingy. Maura also made beer bread for Thanksgiving. It was all delicious and I was surprised to see the burst of energy throughout the holiday weekend, which fell during what should have been difficult days in her chemo cycle. I don't know what helped her more---Bianca (the new dog) or her sisters' presence?
We've seen one of our hospital buddies twice this week. Linda is a woman from the Hill Country who has been living in a hotel across the street from MD Anderson for eight months. when we met her she was confined to a wheel chair. This week she was walking! It is such an encouragement to us to see such progress!
This Thanksgiving has been especially meaningful for us. We have so very much to be thankful for and are blessed beyond measure. Most of the time we are quite happy, despite our concern. And when we are stuck in the muck because of doubt or sadness or confusion, God just tucks us under his arm and carries us across and away from the mud.


dhbryan said...

Isn't it amazing that when everything is going "right", we forget to be thankful? When faced with adversary, the wise realize how much they still have. Glad you all were able to experience gratitude over Thanksgiving. Glad Maura (& family!) is still working thru this difficult process with a good attitude. Be blessed! ~Diana

Anonymous said...

Hello Erin and Maura,
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and pray for your full recovery. Hang in there. Prayers are coming at you constantly!
Sheryl Murphy-Manley and Carter

chris said...

reading your word is an inspiration to me. my 20 year old daughter was also diagnosed with inter abdominal synovial sarcoma in feb 07. we have been on a similar road. her treatments are over, althoug now surgery can be done for her, however today her tumor is dead cells only. we pray daily for you and yours along with our family and friens. your strength gives me strength. gods blessings on you both. chris