Friday, January 23, 2009


Maura is home. New York was awesome, hanging out with her sister most of the time, and she saw some friends there, too. On Monday she spent the day on the set of Kings, a new TV show, loosely based on the life of David, set to air on NBC in March. How fun!...sitting behind the director during the shoot and getting to use his headphones; making small talk with the actors, receiving a kiss on the cheek from Ian McShane, and taking lots of pictures with Chris Egan. How cool is that?

Doctor appointment this Tuesday to find out where she stands.


curlycue123 said...

Glad to hear Maura is doing so well. I definitely want to hear about her appointment tomorrow, cause I'd love to come visit! Send her my love!!


dhbryan said...

What a mood lifter! Thrilled that she was able to get away from everything for awhile.