Monday, April 20, 2009

And once more, no

Platelets are going down instead of up. Hospital admission and subsequent chemo treatments will be delayed some more. Not good. Sigh. Please pray that Maura's bone marrow can get it together and do its job. Anybody know any platelet-producing remedies?


Kathy said...

Make sure Maura is eating plenty of vegetables such as broccoli, winter squash, spinach, carrots, and others high in vitamin C and E. Fruits such as Apricots and grapes will also help. She should also eat a fair amount of protein in the form of grains and beans, yogurt and cottage cheese and be sure to get plenty of B vitamins. Increase consumption of Omega 3 oils and cut out vegetable oils and others high in Omega 6 content as they lead to increased inflammation.

Jeff said...

We're all hoping and praying that those platelets start going back up soon.
Jeff & Dee

The Aguilar's Blog said...

Our prayers are going your way! Hope you get good news really soon!
Macarena and Carlos