Thursday, November 19, 2009


Six months since Maura died. 
I had decided last week that I did not want us to be alone today, so I invited people over to the house via facebook. More showed up than I expected, especially given the other events scheduled at the same time. Others wrote cards or sent notes or emailed. The evening went well. We just talked and ate. The conversation naturally gravitated toward Maura for awhile. We were able to share our Dynamo story. 
     And there was more sadness this week, especially for Maura's friends: another May graduate of the SHSU School of Music died this week in a car crash. She had come to Maura's funeral.She had just started a career as a music teacher. Many of Maura's friends were at her wake tonight.
   And another death earlier today--gifted writer named Kevin Foley died from sarcoma tonight. He has blogged about his life, his cancer, his family, world politics, and just about everything for a couple of years. You can read Card Blue for yourself. I feel as though I have lost a friend, although I never met him.
     I love Maura, and I miss her very much,


Sue G said...

Your compassion and kindness for the challenges of others is so, well, you. In the midst of your own grief, you reach out to others who are grieving.

This process is very personal and it will take however long it takes. YOu do it with grace and dignity. And you do it in ways that honor Maura and her life.

What more could you possible ask of yourself?

Kathy said...

Hi Erin,
thinking of you. I'm so happy you had such support today on such a sad reminder. I know I am so far away, but if there is anything I can do now and during these upcoming holidays, please let me know what it is.
I am also saddened by the loss of our friend Card Blue/Kevin. I wish his family peace during this time.

Anonymous said...

Hey my friends, this is Flavio. How are y'all doing? God bless you. I thought you might like it:

What a friend is
What a friend is
Needs not to be said
A friend is a mid-brother
from parents we never had

Open arms
When we fall
Helping hands
Support us all

What a friend is
Cannot be explained
On walking hard or even soft
Side by side, hand by hand

What a friend is
Cant be understood
Has no definition
Even though it should

What a friend is
Silly may mean
Though friendship
Is a god within

Having a friend
Is awesome one knows
Take care of yours
It helps us grow