Sunday, December 20, 2009

Amanda Part 3

So, I've talked about Amanda, and how just days before Maura's death Maura told her she would be cured of ovarian cancer--and she was, within a week after Maura died; and how Maura told her she would miraculously get pregnant, despite all the years of toxic chemo--and she is(as of August. Baby due April 29).
Last week Scott and Amanda found out they were having a little girl. Her name will be Annive Maura.


Meg Maedgen said...

Maura was always capable of creating magic with people.

I've told this story to a few friends who did not believe in an afterlife...they seem to believe differently now. =)

--Meg Alexander-Maedgen

Anonymous said...

We love you!

Nikki Belshe said...

Goosebumps! Thank you for sharing.

Kathy said...

Congratulations to Amanda!

I stopped by to wish you a Christmas..of some kind. Whether it is Merry or not, I wish you a moment of peace and happiness and if possible, a little joy at some point. Thinking of you!


dhbryan said...

When I saw Maura and met Amanda at the hospital that last week, I said they looked like something from a Renaissance painting ... but those words didn't quite fit. The truth was, they both had a very Madonna-like quality -- the very picture of peace.

I'm happy for the new life growing inside her. Congratulations to Amanda and blessings on her and her husband for using Maura's name.