Sunday, October 17, 2010


Joel and I went to a movie a couple nights ago--a movie about a boy and a vampire girl--a kid vampire. I thought it would be twilighty and easy. Wrong! It was dark and scary. Aggghh! I don't like scary movies. But it was more than a vampire spoke of bullying and ostracism and how painful and damaging that can be for a child. I know this has nothing to do with what I generally blog about, but it's worth saying: Bullying kills children. It results in murder, suicide, and immeasurable pain. And home is no longer a safe haven from bullying because of texts, email, facebook, and other social media.
One of the things that I've heard so often is that Maura actively sought to include everyone, especially those who were new or feeling awkward or lonely. Such a simple act and yet, her kindness was important enough that many people have wanted to share it with me.
I hope her kindness is kloned and shared.

I stole this picture from Sheena's website.


Lindsay said...

I think all who love Maura will carry on her kindness and spread it! :o)

Kathy said...

I was bullied when I was in Junior High. It was two years of Hell and anyone who showed me any kindness has never been forgotten. TO quote Jewel "Only kindness matters."