Friday, February 11, 2011


I finished loading my groceries in the back of the car and pushed the grocery cart between the nearby cars in the Sam's parking lot--just cozy enough so the cart wouldn't dent its neighbors, as long as no one swung open a car door too widely.
Hmmph. Maura would have taken the cart to the shopping cart area marked off with guardrails.

I know this because she always took the shopping cart to its proper place, even if I had already scooted it to the sweet spot between cars. Once I asked her why. "Because I wouldn't want to be the person that had to fetch carts all over the parking lot. This makes it easier for that guy."

Back in the Sam's parking lot, I looked for the telltale guardrails. They were several parking spots away.
I dismissed the idea and hopped into the van, put the keys in the ignition, and...

What Would Maura Do?

I hopped out of the van, carefully guided my discarded cart out from between the cars and walked it pass the ten parking spots to the shopping cart area.

I haven't left a shopping cart unguarded since.


Michelle said...

I haven't been a victim of a shopping cart dent! Beacause I always bring it back!

I did have a dent in my car that I blamed the super market for. My husband admitted to me that he opened his car door in the driveway...right into my car!

Maura was a very thoughtful girl. I love that you are still learning from her.

Happy Valentines Day

Denise said...

I love you!! It was so great seeing you at the Astros game and we WILL have game night at my house this summer.