Friday, April 15, 2011

Proton Therapy

MD Anderson asked me to post a link to the video below, about a boy who survived cancer through the use of proton therapy. But first, here is a little blurb I found on their website about the use of proton therapy on sarcomas.

Sarcomas are rare, malignant tumors found almost anywhere in the body in both children and adults. Because most sarcomas are quite rare, many oncologists may have treated few patients with these tumors, if any. MD Anderson Cancer Center treats more sarcoma patients than any other cancer hospital, enabling physicians to build on their expertise in an ongoing effort to discover new therapies and diagnostic methods. This same experience in dealing with sarcomas extends to MD Anderson’s Proton Therapy Center and the development of proton therapy treatment for many types of sarcomas.  Most often, proton therapy is used in combination with other types of treatment for sarcomas. Surgery is the most common treatment for soft tissue sarcomas. Radiation as a stand-alone treatment for sarcoma is not as common but can be used for patients who are not healthy enough for surgery or to ease pain and other symptoms of disease
Sarcomas can be treated with it, but not Maura's unfortunately; her tumors were both too big and too numerous. Plus, I don't think it's used yet to treat all types of sarcomas, and since her sarcoma defied type, not a chance. Maybe it will be different in a few years. 
It makes me happy to hear of others surviving cancer, especially kids--I feel like their victory is also mine. But, to be honest, it also saddens me as I wish it could have been so for Maura.

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Anonymous said...

Erin, I want to thank you so much for posting this video about the Rager family. It's inspirational to see children overcoming cancer.

I was reading more on your blog about your daughter, Maura. She was clearly a beautiful, fun, smart young woman and I am so sorry for your loss.