Sunday, November 2, 2008

Busy Week

We have an internet connection--hooray! It's been an eventful week.
Sunday-Maura was in a lot of pain. She didn't sleep because of abdominal pain.
Monday- We went to the emergency room early in the morning. They quickly admitted her to an E.R. bed and ordered tests. Thankfully, her tests showed that the pain was from stomach ulcers, caused by the chemo and aggravated by too much stomach acid. A prescription and a couple liters of fluids did the trick and she was released that night.
Wednesday--CT Scan and other tests
Thursday- The doctor told her that the tumors are still shrinking. Yippee!! Blood levels have been low, so she is again under "transfusion watch" (my term, not theirs) which requires daily blood work and consultation with a nurse until further notice.
Friday--Transfusion of platelets, but she got home in time to pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters
Saturday--Feeling pretty good, she and Kara went to see the opera at Sam and attended a Halloween party afterward. She dressed as a Golden Fairy. Kara and Matt ran interference, keeping away all those who looked like they might be carrying germs. And the party's host made everyone use hand sanitizer. Way to go, Colin!
Sunday--None of us expected that her hemoglobin count would go too low today, so we came to the hospital for her lab work and consultation, fully expecting to be able to leave in an hour or two. Oops. Surprise! Instead, she was given two units of blood, and we got home about 9:00 pm.
Tomorrow--a heart scan is scheduled. One of the chemo drugs begins to damage the heart after awhile. It is time to start monitoring her heart for signs of such damage.

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