Monday, November 3, 2008

Heart Scan

Maura had an early morning heart scan, which turned out to be a much simpler procedure than a CT-scan--mostly just waiting. The nurse injected her with a special dye, hooked her up to electrodes like an EKG, and then tried to point out different parts of the heart on the screen. Maura said she couldn't identify anything she was seeing as "heart."
Tomorrow evening we will get the results, we think. The scan is necessary to check for signs of damage to the heart muscle, caused by the cumulative dose of the doxirubicin. The scan and the obligatory "transfusion watch" routine were all finished by noon, giving us a short hospital day.

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Jim Coffey said...

I just wanted to leave a note letting you know that you continue to be in our prayers.

I wear my teal bracelet with pride!

I have some very fond memories of Mara and all the SAM gang at Crystal Beach spring break of Matt Coffey's senior year.

Get well soon - we love ya'll.