Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin

I'm a hot mess of tears and it's all Sarah Palin's fault.
My sister called from Alaska with the news that Sarah had resigned as Alaska's governor. Ohmygosh,how intriguing! No explanation from the governor, leaving us with endless possibilities: Has she decided she needs to spend more time with her kids? Is there a huge scandal about to break? Has her poor judgment caught up with her? All of the above? And what does the self-proclaimed "First Dude" Todd have to do with it?
But the one person who would enjoy the sheer FUN of discussing the latest Sarah Palin gossip with me is Maura. Maura.
Maura, who shared months of pre-election chatter with me; whose eyes lit up when she spoke of Barack Obama, whom she fiercely supported; who discovered her political voice quite recently in 2008. How thrilling for me to see her appreciation for our American political process develop and thrive before my eyes!
I shared the Palin news with Lydia. I called Adam, too. They showed interest, but it wasn't the same. With Maura it was more like sharing secrets at a slumber party.
I long to talk to Maura, and I am doubled over in pain from a stomach punch of grief.


SLY said...

I'm here and listening...well reading.

Kathy said...

Ah yes. I'm a political junkie as well but I will admit that my views are Libertarian and I am one of those tea party goers who works two jobs and is tired of being the target of every tax hike ever passed, federally and locally. If you're ever up for a debate/discussion, I'm up for it. My eyes never lit up discussing Obama and they still don't so that you will not get from me but I do have a pretty good idea of the political climate he came from and it ain't Eden so I have a different perspective. You almost have to be native Chicagoan to understand Chicago politicians. They are allllll dirty. What resides in the White House is no different than any other Chicago politician. As for Sarah, I too was intrigued because I didn't see that coming unlike our Gov who we all knew was eventually going to take the walk of shame. Too bad I'll be gone for 2 weeks and will miss the drama unfold. But for two weeks, I'm totally apolitical and will not care :) My vacation starts tomorrow at 5:30 and at that time, the only thing I"m going to worry about is when I get to read at the beach. But after July the 15th, bring it on! By the way, have a great 4th! I just had some fantastic grilled portabellos topped with aged swiss while my family dined on butterfly pork chops. It's been good so far!
HUGS from far away!

Macarena said...

Hi Erin,
Can you check your work email and/or send me your number? You've got a message.

Anonymous said...

I think a scandal will break! Pop some popcorn and enjoy the show :)

- Sarah

Megan Laurey said...

even though you cant physically hear her... shes listening... and answering in her own ways. I talk to her everyday! Every now and then I catch a glimps of a butterfly in my back yard and say to myself... "maura has her wings". i love you and mr. de Souza very much!!! My prayers still go out to you in your time of grief.