Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have received several emails and texts from people I don't regularly hear from, asking how I am, telling me they're thinking of me...much more than normal. Lots of people asking, "How aaarrrre you?" with those eyebrows arched in knowing concern. This can mean only one thing: I haven't blogged in over a week, and people get worried I'm going to fall into a funk.  So, I logged on tonight to let everyone know I'm okay, we're okay, everything is okay; I just haven't had anything to say. And, lo and behold, Matt also just blogged from Korea b/c people let him know they were worried about him. Hmm...I think our mutual friends need to get out more. 

It is good to have friends and family who care.


SLY said...

I figured you were busy living your life. But every now and then it is good to hear a word or two from you. I hope all is well. Or as well as it can be.

Sue G said...

So much of what you write isn't just about how you are doing. It's about what life is teaching you and what you are teaching us about life.

We don't just miss the updates. We miss the wisdom.

I trust you will share what you receive when the time is right.

Anonymous said...

Because the world has learned to admire you for your writings and sharing a part of your life that is very close to your heart. Thank you Erin because many people have been in your shoes and may be in them and you have or will give them strength. You may not realize how much you help others but you do. Many wish they could change the course of life, yours, theirs, but God has chosen certain paths and I am sure he has a reason and we just have to have faith in that.

Thank you Erin for sharing such an emotional part of your life. Just know it all has a much bigger meaning than you realize.

Matthew Ryan Weaver said...

LOL...I love stalking you! Yeah, they need to get out more! LOVE LOVE LOVE YA! I do enjoy reading your blog!

Lydia Medeiros said...

okay mom. its been a week. get on it. just kidding. I've just been thinking about you and I miss you. But maybe its good you haven't written. I always cry with what you write. Well, I just always cry. I'm the only actor they're gonna pay to stop crying. But I miss you either way. When you write, I don't feel so many miles far away from you. I wish you and dad lived in the apartment below mine. Wait, I already told you that. Well, its still true.