Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's breast cancer awareness month and guess what I did. I became a living, walking poster.

Last week we attended the Dynamo game against L.A. Galaxy and I put sunscreen all over my arms and shoulders and face. Note to self: testing a new sunscreen on the arm for an allergic reaction is not the same as testing it on the face. I broke out in a horrible red rash that I had to explain away to my students he next day. But the rash disappeared within 48 hours.
What did not disappear was the sunburn on my chest and neck where I had neglected to apply any sunscreen at all. Even after one week, I have a painful sunburn in the shape of the pink cancer awareness ribbon around my neck and on my chest. I kid you not. It will peel and fade to a light shade of breast-cancer-awareness-pink that will last for months.
Dear Nancy Brinker, have I gone too far for The Cause?

No, I will not post a picture. That's just gross.


Matthew Ryan Weaver said...

You should post a pic!

Kathy said...

Tentative research on my tumor type showed that the BRCA gene may be involved. There may be a genetic link between breast cancer and MPNST and there have been cases where a woman with breast cancer went on to develop sarcoma. Intriguing. I hope they expand on this finding and in October, we can have a pink AND yellow ribbon. Please do not go out and get another ribbon shaped yellow burn.
Thanks for taking one for the team ;-)

SLY said...

LOL erin!

Chelsea said...

I definitely second Matt's comment. PHOTO! PHOTO! PHOTO!