Monday, August 4, 2008


Day 3 of Chemotherapy is cancelled for Tuesday because of the impending arrival of Hurricane Edouard in the morning. Maura is hooked up to the pump. When the pump beeps tomorrow (when the chemo bags are empty), we will be at home instead of at the hospital. They gave her a quick lesson in how to disconnect from the pump, and then she has the rest of the day off. Chemo resumes on Wednesday(Day 3), both the pump and the "in hospital" drugs.  


Anonymous said...

Erin, I've lost your email address. Please confirm it. Flavio

Anonymous said...

Sending Hugs from California!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maura,
Carter and I say "Hi" and wish you as much comfort as possible as you go through this next round of medicine. Yesterday, Carter listened to your CD that you made him and we prayed for you. Hang in there!
S.K. Murphy-Manley and Carter