Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We arrived home at 1:30 a.m. following Day 2 of chemo. The chemo units were very busy today, so we waited several hours past our appointment time before they could get us a room. In the meantime the pump beeped to let us know that the chemo bags were empty. I took care of it myself in the waiting room. Since Tropical Storm Edouard, I've become an expert at disconnecting her from the pump when needed. And that beeping sound...when this is over, I never want to hear that beep beep beep again. Maura came home exhausted, somewhat nauseated, but otherwise, okay.
She is losing her eyelashes. She has a single bottom lash left, and the top ones are thinned out. Small price to pay for tumor termination.

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Beth said...

We all missed Maura very much yesterday, and I feel like Wednesday is going to be even more evident since we start Chorale then. But we are all so proud of her and are always praying and always thinking about her. Now that school is back in session, hopefully more of us will be able to come visit Maura on her good days, since we are so close :)

We are always praying for you and your husband too. The Lord provides so much strength, compassion, love, and help.