Saturday, August 30, 2008


I am reminded daily of the value of friends and family as we wade through this difficult time. Thank you. Okay, this is not a substitute for thank you notes. I know Miss Manners would never accept a blogged thank you note, and, quite frankly, I can't even begin to count the gestures of kindness that we have received. Visits, cards, vegetables, meals, miracles in envelopes, brownies and other treats, prayers, loaned dvds, books, cheer in a box, home-made posters, photos, agghhh...I shouldn't have started because there is no way I'll remember them all. It's not like wedding gifts , which are all opened at the same time, and are all tangible, and, while the bride and groom ooh and aah over each crystal candleholder, there's someone sitting behind them with a tablet and pen, writing down all the names and what was given. This isn't that organized--I'm not that organized. This is as random as the gifts we receive. I want to say thank you to the older couple that sends Maura a card almost every week. You should see how it puts a smile on her face. I want to thank her friends who would think I'm weird for thanking them just for hanging out at our house. I want to thank the friend who left my washed and ironed blouse hanging on my front door...I think I know how you got a hold of it, but I'm not sure. I want to thank the young friend who was so moved when she saw Maura in so much pain, that she actually bought and offered illegal the hopes that Maura would take it to relieve her suffering. I want to thank that colleague at the college who understands that I just don't care about anything at work like I used to and who understands that it's a temporary condition. I want to thank the colleague who said that my newfound perspective is an improvement. I want to thank strangers who let us know that they are praying for Maura. I want to thank the young friend who, just a few weeks into remission herself, committed to be a friend to Maura (and all of us) and has been an amazing and steadfast source of knowledge and strength and black bean burritos. I want to thank those who can handle "bald in the land of big hair", and those who at least try. I want to thank God because he sends these hundreds of wonderful people as proof of his love.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keepeing us informed. We are at thousands and thousands of mile away, but our prays and thoughts are together with you on this journey. Flávio and family!!!
PS. Even my student in the public school where I work are praying. They are always asking me about her situation. God bless you!!!

Kelly Moss said...

I wish I lived closer so I could show Maura my love and concern for her as much as I think of her. I check this site almost every day, and I cry at almost every entry because I love and admire Maura so much. I pray for her and for you and your family for you to feel God's arms wrapped tight around you all. Praise God for healing Maura as much as he has...I know He's not done. Thinking of you all often.

jucineia said...

thank GOD for you mother Erin.Maura is so blessed to have a mother like you.Your strengh and faith makes us so proud and thankfull for knowing someone like you.I admire you so much and know that i always pray for you and your family.YOU ARE BEAUTIFULL..and I love you!