Monday, March 30, 2009


Maura should be able to go home tomorrow! Hurray! After nine days, home will be especially welcome, and she is happy to be reunited with her puppy. 


dhbryan said...

Great! I've been "away" for a bit. Glad I missed all that drama and got back on just in time for the coming home part. Now if all of you could just figure out a way to miss the lows and just check back in for the highs too.... :-) Blessings to all. ~Diana & family

Anonymous said...

Hi DeSouza Family,

Glad to hear Maura is finally home reunited with her puppy - that's great medicine for the soul. Hope all is well with you and especially Maura :-o) I'm sending lots of hugs and kisses from the Aldenis Souza Family