Sunday, March 1, 2009


When Maura came back from a few days in Austin, she told me of a pain in her side that had been there for a couple of weeks, but had only recently become more than just a bother. In fact, she hadn't been able to sleep for the last couple of nights. Two weeks! Pain in her abdomen is scary, especially with the recent delays in chemo and the switch to a new chemo regimen. We were frightened. We prayed. We worried. We once again felt some of those dark moments from last spring. Two days later, Dr. B. said he couldn't feel anything, but that, of course, was no guarantee. He ordered some lab work and sent her to chemo as scheduled. Two additional days later, the nurse called to say Maura had an infection. An infection? Really? A garden variety UTI? Relief washed over us as we nearly danced our way to the pharmacy to pick up the prescribed antibiotic.
"People aren't usually this happy to hear they have a UTI," the nurse observed.
Perspective. It's all a matter of perspective.

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