Friday, March 20, 2009

The Scoop

It turns out that the new chemo drugs are not working. The CT scan showed that for the first time since beginning treatment at M.D. Anderson in May, the tumors have grown. So, Maura will be going back to one of the previous chemo drugs but at a much higher dose. She will be hospitalized on Monday for about a week so that they can keep a tighter control on the dosage and her response, basically wanting her to have as much as she can tolerate but no more. We are thankful that Dr. B. is not afraid of aggressive treatment. Maura, as always, is amazing.


Sunnye said...

Sorry to hear that. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Meg Alexander said...

Stay strong Maura! We're all behind you! =)

Love you! --Meg

The Aguilar's Blog said...

Erin, As always I hae all of you in my prayers and hoping that Maura withstands the aggressive treatment she has to go though.
And as always, thanks for taking the time to keeping us updated.

Eventually I Get It, Right?!? said...
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Eventually I Get It, Right?!? said...

Hey Maura!
I love you girl! I know you're strong and can make it through this! Keep your head up! <3 Love you girl. You're always in my prayers!
~Hannah M.

Anonymous said...

Just a tiny bump in the road on the way to being cancer free! Hang in there, Maura.