Monday, May 17, 2010

from Kei

I got a note from Thad Bell, the photographer whose blog I linked to a couple of weeks ago with pictures and video of Kei wearing the Live Teal bracelet. He tells a neat story about Kei:

I have always meant to ask Kei about the Live Teal bracelet he wears but now I know. One of Kei's best friends on the team is Teal Bunbury. Kei has even tweeted that they were meant to be friends since he wears the Live Teal bracelet.

He definitely does still wear it. Look in and you can see a bunch of shots of Kei with it on. In the middle of that gallery Kei was goofing around and playing goalie. He borrowed some gloves and was blocking shots barefooted.

When he got done playing around, he took the gloves off and left them by the goal for the keeper that owned them and walked in to the locker room. About 30 seconds later he came running back, the bracelet had been pulled of by the gloves and when he noticed it he ran back and found it quickly.

He definitely still wears it.

Kei Kamara tried to post a note to Maura on the blog then, but he had some trouble posting, so he sent his note to Danielle. Here is his letter to Maura.

Hi Maura its me Kei ur fav soccer player...haha, i got a lot to tell u. 1st i hope u r in a better place and just no that u r loved. so the Live Teal band u gave me made it a long way. i always had it on, as u can see mummy stalked my photos and found it...haha. also this yr KC Wizards drafted a play in the 1st round and his name is "TEAL Bunbury" so he always tells ppl i wear it cuz of him haha. but sadly couple weeks ago when i was in Houston for a game, i took off my Live Teal band and left it in the lockroom so i tell myself that i left it in good hands, "in houston and at the Dynamo Stadium."
well you keep resting and your friends and Family love you.
God bless

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