Friday, May 14, 2010

H.B. to Me

Last year on my birthday, I was in the hospital with Maura and the Houston Dynamo came to visit her. And they sang Happy Birthday to me.
Yesterday, May 13, marked the 13th anniversary of my mom's death.


Anonymous said...

I heard about the scholarship given out lastnight at the choir banquet. What a special night for Maura and your family. Tough month to get through for you guys, but it makes me smile to know that the ones that love her have done amazing things to raise awareness about sarcoma. Still praying for you guys. God bless you!

Dawn Padula said...

Happy Birthday, Erin!

It's almost unreal that it's been a year since the graduation ceremony. Unbelievable.

Maura is as much in my mind today as ever. She will always continue to live on in our hearts and minds. Know that you, too, are in the hearts and minds of so many not only during this particularly difficult month, but always.

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday, dear Erin!
May this birthday leave you with good memories :) and many blessings.

Jim Coffey said...

Happy Birthday. We thought of you this weekend as our daughter Jennifer graduated. One of her classmates was killed in a car wreck the week before graduation and his parents walked across the stage to accept his diploma.
... tough, tough, tough...times ahead.
Lot's of love from the Coffey's. I treasure the memories and always smile when one of Maura's pictures pop up in my screen saver. She is so photogenic that I have lots of pics of her acting silly with Matt and friends at the Crystal Beach condo we rented their junior year.
Bright, shining, blonde, yellow, singing, cooking, dancing, working a puzzle on the kitchen table with my little girls.