Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Book (surprise!)

Nancy Brinker is the sister of Susan G. Komen and the founder of the organization that bears her sister's name. Thousands of women (and not a few men) owe their lives to this phenomenal woman, who created a revolution in the world of breast cancer awareness, prevention, and treatment.
Her memoir was released today, September 14, 2010. It is the story of sisterhood, of growing up in more innocent times, of love and marriage, of Susan's cancer, of Nancy's promise to her dying sister, and of the birth and growth of an organization that is synonymous with hope.
In between and separate from the primary story the reader finds vignettes about breast cancer survivors, some who are no longer surviving, breast cancer warriors, breast cancer advocates, breast cancer champions, breast cancer heroes, breast cancer history makers, breast cancer, breast cancer, breast cancer. Of course it's breast cancer...it's Susan G. Komen.
But, miraculously, there is one vignette, just one, that mentions another cancer--sarcoma.
It is a vignette about Maura.
Yes, a slender piece of Maura's story is found in a book authored by the founder of the Susan G. Komen foundation. Yes, sarcoma gets a mention in a book by a breast cancer icon. In the world of rare cancers, anything that promotes awareness is a plus.
Her message is simple, albeit difficult for me to embrace: Underfunding of research for rare cancers is a dreary fact. But a national movement to end all cancer has to begin somewhere, and awareness, funding, research, and innovation in one area ultimately benefit all.
And my dear, sweet, Maura, who lives eternally in Heaven, is made just a little bit more immortal here on earth as well--because I believe in the eternity of the written word.
So here is my shameless plug for the book and for my friend's online bookstore: Kathy is a single mother of three and is currently fighting sarcoma. Please buy the book through her Amazon affiliate: http://www.greatbooksforu.com/


Maura said...

Just purchased through Kathy's site. Looking forward to having a little piece of your Maura on my bookshelf.

Really happy to see you writing again.

Sue G said...

What an articulate and amazing writer you are. I am so glad you are back and communicating the stories of your heart.

I will definitely go to Kathy's site to buy this book, and a few more. Kathy stands for all that is possible, for all that is needed, for all that remains to be done.

Each significant journey begins with one step. One story. One heart. May the journey to curing sarcoma begin TODAY.

Kathy said...

Erin, first off, thanks so much for mentioning my bookstore!!

In this book is an illustration of a remarkable step in the story of a remarkable young woman. No one who has ever read Maura's story can forget her. One of these days Sarcoma will get the attention it so rightly deserves and there will be a cure. We will assuredly be able to credit it in part to Maura, in her battle and her ultimate VICTORY against it.

I ditto Sue's welcome back to the blogosphere message.

Anonymous said...

I purchased the book through Kathy's website. I'm looking forward to reading it! I just wrote about Maura in Annive's scrapbook and why we chose her name as Annive's middle name. (I'm behind on her scrapbook...I'm just now on the day she was born, and she's already 5 months old.) Love to you, Erin!

Joni Rodgers said...

Beautiful. Thanks for this, Erin.

Peace and love to you, girlfriend.