Sunday, July 20, 2008

Feeling Better

She's feeling better tonight. When she feels good, it's just easier to deal with anything, including endless blood tests!  She blew off the blood tests she was supposed to have both yesterday and today, but can you blame her? She has to be at MD Anderson so-o-o many days that even a weekend off is a luxury she treasures.   Tomorrow she'll be back on track for blood work. We expect blood counts to be at safe levels later this week. 
She can't walk much. The burning foot has turned into burning hands and feet==it's like a bad sunburn from the inside out.  The right foot is a mottled red and purple. Anytime she walks or puts pressure on her hands, you can actually see it get worse. So she stays in one place most of the time, and we treat her hands and feet with hydrocortisone and lotion. Adam carried her to and fro for a couple of days. That was kind of fun to watch. Did anyone see the episode of Arrested Development where Martin Short is carried around by some guy named Dragon? It was sort of like that for Adam and Maura. Just kidding. 


Danielle said...

Mom/Marz - I love you so much, and can't stand being so far away!!!! Stay strong!!! I'll be home soon to give you both big hugs!!!!!

Barb Carson said...

Momma de Souza,

I've been checking your blog religiously! These little bursts of good news just brighten my day. Maura is constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much for keeping all of us updated on the latest developments in her condition.

I'm sure she couldn't have asked for a better "live in nurse" than you!

(And I can't believe she even looks more beautiful with a buzzed haircut. Is there anything that wonderful lady can't do?) =)

Meg Alexander