Saturday, July 12, 2008

From Jesus' Side to Maura's Veins-John 19:34

So, yesterday was supposed to be a simple disconnect-from-the-chemo-pump day, which isn't so simple anyway. Instead, we got home this morning at 2:30. When her blood pressure plummeted to about 50/30 (yes, you read that correctly), and her heart rate hovered around 130, they pumped her with fluids, gave her two units of blood (her first blood transfusion), and, later, hooked her back up to the pump with a nice three-liter bag of fluids with electrolytes to take home. Unfortunately, her hospital-free weekend is out--we have to go back both tonight and tomorrow night for another big bag of fluids for the pump. Oh, and the catheter site has a little infection, so that means cultures and blood tests and daily dressing changes and multiple visits to IV Therapy this coming week. I'd like to say that the blood perked her right up, but she is too exhausted to tell. Her blood pressure did go back up to an acceptable level, and her pulse is normal. Today, we have so much to be thankful for.


Nikki Belshe said...

Praying for Maura!

Anonymous said...

You go, girl!

Robin and the CELTA Crew

Anonymous said...

Hang in there sweet Maura! You are being prayed for daily! Erin,
I am praying for you too. May
God give you strength and endurance!