Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Days

     The blissful days are coming to an end. We have enjoyed the extra time between the third and fourth chemo cycles, but now Maura has to get back to work.  Today she spent the day at the hospital. Tomorrow, too. Her central line will be re-inserted tomorrow. Chemo starts on Sunday. 
     She took advantage of her extra energy this week, after her blood counts went up, starting out slowly, with a trip to the movies. Then, a couple of short, focused shopping trips. The most draining activity? A few hours at the beach--the last time she will be able to totally immerse herself in the ocean or any water until after treatments are over and the central line comes out for good. The wildest day? Wig shopping and an evening out with her friends. Yes, she finally decided to wear a wig instead of scarves and caps for a change. So, she picked out the cutest wig, a short bob. Pink. Magenta, actually, and she looks fabulous in it. That evening, she and her friends went out to dinner. Maura in her pink wig; Katie in a green wig; Kara in a black , spikey Sharon Osbourne/Liza Minelli freaky wig. What a trio!


Audrey said...

It was so wonderful seeing Maura on Wednesday! I look forward to more guys are so close by! Please let me know if you ever need ANYTHING:-)

Toni Ulicnik said...

I just recently found out about Maura's condition. I have gone to school with her since Winship. I was never very close with her but I knew she had the best heart. It's very sad to hear she is going through this but I have no doubt she will pull through. My prayers are with her and your family.