Friday, July 4, 2008


Oh, how we long for normalcy. Through any crisis, I suppose our perception of normal changes; so, too, our perception of good news or hope.  This week Maura received a healthy dose of all three. As I mentioned in the last post, her CT scans from Monday showed continued improvement.  And she has had more energy during this post-chemo period than the last one, at least during the day. So, on Wednesday, Maura went to a morning movie (Hancock-- Maura commented that the movie was "just okay", but that it had been so long since she had been to a movie or to anywhere other than the hospital that the excursion was great). On Thursday, she made it through a daytime Astros game (a disappointing performance by the Astros, but, a stellar effort by Maura). With the help of close drop-off points, a wheelchair, a discreetly worn mask, convenient benches, a makeshift bed in the van, some planning, and the help of family and close friends, Maura enjoyed herself, got some exercise and a little sunshine, and drew encouragement from normal. 
Today she begins pre-chemo treatment, and Round 3 is upon us, which is not yet normal, but certainly it's good news and hopeful. 


Beth said...

Praise the Lord, I'm pretty sure I write that on every comment I ever leave. Thank God for a bit of normalcy with movies and astros :) I'm so glad God is giving her so much strength and awesomeness to get through. :)

sweetmama said...

Great to hear you are all getting out a little bit. Lots of love coming your way from here and everywhere!


dhbryan said...

Baseball would seem like torture to me, but seeing the outside world is great! Glad to hear you are getting out in the non-chemo side of life.

Chelsea Snow said...

That is so great! It was wonderful to see Maura. I can't wait for our Nacho Libre/organic nacho night. I'm still planning! Best of luck this week Maura! Love you very, very much you beautiful girl!!!!