Sunday, August 23, 2009

Live Teal on TV

Right this very second, as the Seattle Sounders play the Houston Dynamo, Kai Kamara, Maura's favorite player, is wearing the Live Teal bracelet (teal rubber bracelet like LiveStrong) that her friends had made to show support for Maura. 
When six of the Dynamo players came to visit her just 5 days before she died, Maura confessed that Kai was her favorite , and he had the shy grace to be flustered. 
We slid the bracelets off our arms to give to each player, and Stuart Holden promised they would wear them the following Saturday. We couldn't see them on that Saturday in that out-of-state game, but we can plainly see the bracelet today on Kai's arm. And we can also see that Stuart Holden has his wrist taped, with a telltale bulge hinting that he may have the Live Teal bracelet underneath as well. Back in May, he had said that he would have to tape it.  
Stuart's father died from cancer last year, and he has a charity called Holden's Heroes , which provides Dynamo tickets to kids with cancer. 


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome to hear. When my mom got cancer a few years back everyone in my family wore a livestrong braclete. And even after she had beat the cancer, I still continued to wear mine (until the day my husband asked me to take it off so he he could try it on, and he broke it trying to put it on his wrist) I was so upset because I tryed for months after that, eveerytime I was in a store to look for a new one. Never found one that fit quite like the first. Hahaha. But such an amazing story, I hope they continue to waer the bracletes in Maura's honor. Always praying and thinking of you. Keep Living Strong, you are an inspirational woman.

Kathy said...

That is truly touching! By the way, you had mentioned that the Dynamo had come to visit Maura and promised us pictures.... I know feelings are still raw but when you're ready or if you ever feel like posting them...

Elsa D. said...

that's so sweet!

I think my friend and Maura will meet!

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you. I try to take in every written word. It's really amazing the strength that you have. I know that God is with you and grieving by your side for His daughter also. We love you and Joel!
Ari and Debora de Faria