Sunday, August 30, 2009


A few months ago I let Google start putting ads on my blog. I thought that it would be a nice, passive way of gathering funds to donate to sarcoma research. I haven't done anything other than sign up, and, voila', I now have about $25 in my account. Only problem is, I can't access it until I have at least $100. and, there is something about a pin number that I think they sent to the's too confusing. One day I will figure it all out, and when you hear about some million dollar donation to M.D. Anderson for sarcoma research, you'll know it was me.


Anonymous said...

You are so wonderful Mrs. Erin! I love you! I cannot wait to hear about the donation! Love, Mandy Mulkey

Ravi said...

I hope for it soon. .You are really brave . .I appreciate your efforts

Elsa D. said...

:)When I say your ads i decided to do the same. I also did to donate the money to sarcoma research. ... but I also have not figured out how to get the money
and I think I lost the pin they sent me!
um abrac,o forte

Kathy said...

A few years ago, I added google ads to my blog but didn't really read the fine print and made an egregious error. At the time, I was immersed in the world of Information Technology and was gearing up to study for a certification exam called the CCNA. As I was discussing it on my blog, links for practice tests etc showed up and I clicked them ..and was accused by google of trying to cheat. It seriously was not the case. More of a case of being interested in my own content. Oh well. I haven't tried to re-establish my google adwords account. Live and learn I guess. What a great idea donating the money to Sarcoma research!! I will help by clicking on some ads.