Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Doing Something

Once again we are in the zone where we feel very positive because we are "doing something" instead of waiting.  Waiting is so very hard. But we are on Day 2 of chemo now. Long days seem to be the norm now.  We arrived here at 10:00 a.m. for her first chemo yesterday.  Because of difficulties with her central line which necessitated a couple rounds of "central line draino" and another chest x-tray, chemo didn't start until about 6 pm. We left the hospital around 11:30 p.m.! The good news is that, except for the last hour or so, she tolerated the chemo pretty well. She even ate solid food and kept it down for the first time in a week. She was so exhausted, and the nausea meds so strong that she slept more last night than she has slept in the last several days combined. We've been at the hospital since 9:30 this morning for a doctor appt.  Because chemo was delayed yesterday, we'll have afternoon chemo times for the rest of the week, but not quite as late as yesterday. At least that will give us time in the a.m. to establish our chemo care routine. We are still on the wrong end of the learning curve, but making progress.


Grandma Susan Quilts said...

Please know that the Peterman family is praying for all of you. YEAH Jesus! HE vs.Toby.
Love you all. Rick, Susan and Ashley (Parents and sister of Angi Laird)

June said...

Hi Erin, we're old friends from way back when Maura was a little girl and we lived in Lexington Woods. Lydia was in my Girl Scout troop through Winship. (our girls are Laura, Rachel and Tara) Your blog was forward to me by the Donovans. Our prayers are with Maura and your family. May God provide strength and courage to all of you. Please let Maura know we are thinking of her. June Seely

dhbryan said...

Yeah, progress! Fighting back feels good. Only email address I have for you is work, so email sent got auto-respond. Please let me know about dates we can help.
Blessings, Diana

Erika said...

Erin and Joel,

Your family are in our heart! We are praying and thinking about Maura every day. We love you all!Toda energia do mundo para vocês! Estamos acompanhando o blog dia após dia! Muito carinho, beijos e abraços para nossa super lutadora Maura!!Bjos

Judy Nolan said...

All of the Nolans' arms are wrapped around you in prayer and hope, Maura--and around the rest of the family in comfort.--Judy