Monday, May 12, 2008

Toby's Evil Spawn


PET/CT results came back today. After a very tough weekend for Maura (she had more pain with the pain medicine than without), today we found out what we had already suspected: more tumors. The tumor discovered last week near her ovary looks like one big clotted cyst, but activity on the periphery indicates that it is really a tumor that has bled into itself. Maura named that tumor Tina. In addition, there are four tumors on her liver and three more in the mesentery. Maura hasn't named the other tumors yet. Your creative suggestions for the worst baby names beginning with T are solicited.

Good news: the doctor prescribed some medicine that should help with her nausea and vomiting and help her appetite as well--she's lost 17 pounds since this began last month.

More good news: Things are finally coming together to get her over to MDAnderson for treatment. I have to make sure all her scans and tests and rerports and path slides make it to the right place, but that's just legwork and paperwork, and her current oncologist is helping with a lot of that. We are not sure what lies ahead, but it will include some more surgery and maybe some weird procedure where they microwave the tumors on her liver.

Maura is taking this very well. I think that it is easier, almost a relief, to know something for sure than to suspect it. And I know that a lot of people have been praying for us today, too. God's grace is sufficient for today.


Anonymous said...


We just got this news before Bible study, and we are going to dedicate our time tonight to praying for Maura. We love you all so much, and you will be lifted before the throne tonight!

Some names: Tootsie, Tara, Tyrone, Tyson, Tabitha, Teresa, Tallie, Tasha, Tannah, Tammy, Tori, Tracy, Tommy, Tad, Ty

Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

How about toby 1, toby 2, toby 3, toby 4, toby 5, toby 6, toby 7, toby 8!
Toby died and now it is time for the rest of toby to die!!!! Just a I am really bad with names!!!!! LOL


P.S. I love you----I saw that movie today and it is sooooo sad!!


P.S. I want to dye my whole body teal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mimiastros said...

I love maura and pray for her everyday!

Some T names:

T-Rex ( for the radical tumor)
Thelma (for the runaway tumor)
Tyrone (for the soulful tumor)
Timmy (for the retarded tumor)
and finally
T-Bone (for the thug tumor)

plz let me kno if theres anything i can do
this is my Cell:
713 408 9030
also keep me posted on when shes in the hospital, i would love to visit her and bring some Astros Joy!

~Mariam "Mimi" dashtabadi :)

Judy Nolan said...

More hugs and prayers are coming Maura's way, and more hugs for you, Joel, Danielle and Lydia. There is one other piece of good news in all this, and that is that Maura has a strong family who is pulling 300 percent for her!

sweetmama said...

Dear Erin, Joel, Danielle, Lydia, and Maura,

You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers all the time! Thanks for keeping us updated.

My vote for "T" names:
Tomas Torquemada

Love you all!

whitney said...

i'm a friend of nicole franklin's, and i wanted to let you know that we're praying for you here in nashville. my father just went through an abdominal aorta aneurysm that ruptured and had almost a 0% chance of survival...and if he did survive, he was going to be incapacitated and on dialysis for the rest of his life. last week, his doctor took him off of dialysis! now, not only is he alive, he's cooking steaks and potatoes!

I say this to encourage you that God is so good and faithful - He is always in control, and He is STILL MAKING MIRACLES! they're His specialty!

love from reed and whitney carlstone

Landon said...

God's grace is sufficient for all!

Lauren said...

Hi DeSouza Family,

I grew up in Lexington Woods with Lydia; my little sister Megan was friends with Maura. I just wanted to pass along my thoughts and prayers for Maura and the rest of the family. It is wonderful how supportive and loving everyone is; it is beautiful to read everyone's encouraging words.

Lauren Donovan

timothy said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm Lauren, I went to SHSU with Maura for the first two years we were there before i moved away. She is the sweetest girl. I've been looking up names with different meanings

Tamesis- dark one
Tanis- serpent
Taregan- Crane
Tempest- stormy

Please tell her i'm thinking about her

Lauren Turner

Ce said...

Hi Erin,

I am a friend of Lee Jamison's from Houston. He has been keeping me updated on Maura's progress and forwarded your blog.

I'm a recent two-time breast cancer survivor and just ended my treatments in early February. I have you and Maura and your family in my prayers and am anxious to hear how she progresses.

Just in case you've not seen it, here is the link to Wikipedia's page on GIST tumors.

At the bottom of the article, you'll find some links for GIST support sites - I think you'll find it very helpful to talk to them.

Also, CanCare is wonderful - if you've not had a chance to talk to them, please do! They train volunteers and then link you with someone who has dealt with your particular disease, either as a patient or a caretaker, to help you navigate the convoluted path of dealing with cancer. They will act as your advocate if you need them to. Their website is

Please be gentle with yourself while you go through this.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

DeSouza family,

I just heard about this whole ordeal a couple weeks ago and Maura has been in my thoughts every since. Why do these things happen to such amazing people? I think God knows that Maura has the faith to beat this thing. The support of all her friends is unbelievable. It simply proves what a truly amazing person she is.

Nothing but love and well wishes,
Meg Alexander

keith said...

What about Tallula?

katie allison said...

Erin, I just heard about Maura. The story just broke my heart. The last time I saw Maura she was in high school and I remember how proud you were of her. Your a remarkable woman and I think of you and your family often. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.