Saturday, May 17, 2008


Maura had a tough morning, with increased pain, but overall, the last few days have been okay. She has tolerated the Gleevec pretty well. Having her friends come over and spend time with her lifts her spirits, even if it does tire her more.

Weekends are hard because we know that no progress is being made toward a treatment plan. So we wait. Monday we will call MDAnderson to see if we can speed things up a bit. Still, we know that they have a process and a whole team that looks at her records, her scans, and her tumor slides. They told us that they give themselves ten business days to preview a case. We just hope for it to be fewer.


sweetmama said...

I am here waiting with y'all. Just wanted you to know. Thanks for letting us know what's up. Maura and the whole family are on my mind through the day.


The Aguilar's Blog said...

Please know that you, Maura and the whole family are in my thoughts and prayers. I cannot even imagine to think what it would be like to have a sick child but I know that you beleive that God has everything under control even when we don't understand it!
As I was in Austin celebrating Pablo's graduation from college this last weekend, I kept thinking about you, beleive me!!
We love you and your are in our thoughts constantly!!
I am glad we can come here to get updated!!!

ESOLer said...

Maura and fam...
Hope you all take comfort knowing that we are waiting and praying with you, and with the confidence that all is in Divine Order.
Thanks for keeping us updated.