Friday, May 23, 2008

MDA Day 2 and 3

Yesterday was tough. Today was better.
We've had two very long days. Our dentist was great about giving Maura a thorough cleaning/exam/and fillings on less than a day's notice. Then it was off to MDA for Maura's central venous catheter, the kind that enters through a site just under her collar bone and is sutured to her skin. The first person to stick her couldn't find her vein, so they had to call someone else. That caused a lot of extra pain, and the site is still painful, although they've verified by x-ray that everything is where it should be. It's worth it because they can use the central line to deliver her chemo and most other IV stuff. Since she doesn't have great veins for IV's anyway, this will save her a lot of sticks and misses. She was so dehydrated that they gave her two liters of normal saline, which perked her right up. Then, we went to the Sarcoma Center for some quick Chemo Training. Not fun stuff that chemotherapy. We finally left the hospital at about 6:30 p.m. Today we arrived at 6 a.m. for a CT-scan, followed by catheter care training, where I had to pass a test (a demonstration in front of the nurse, using Maura as my test subject)before they'd give me a prescription for the supplies. The last appointment of the day was at 6:30 pm to get an infusion of a drug that is designed to prevent mouth sores in chemo patients.
Maura feels nausea a lot of the time and doesn't want food. I've been chastized by the nurse for trying to get Maura to eat. The nurse assures me that Maura will not starve or suffer malnutrition and I mustn't force her to eat because she can develop an aversion to food and increased nausea from just thinking about food. I can, however, bug her to drink two to three liters of fluids per day.
We thank you for all the emails and notes and comments and prayers and encouragement.


Lydia Patricia DeSouza said...

I'm coming home, Mom. I'll be there in just a few more hours. I'm coming home.

LeeEJamison said...

My first cousin, Karen Lyon, had the fight of her life with a non-Hodgkins lymphoma when she was Maura's age. She and her mom (my mother's sister) fought together as a team as you and Erin are doing. That was more than twenty years ago now and I've asked her to look in on the blog and comment if she thinks she can add anything helpful.

As always, God Bless you and Maura.

Kristen Benk said...

Maura love... i just found out!! And i think heather did too!! :-( We are praying for you girl!! I wish I was there to support you with the others. But Ill be back soon and heather and I will make a trip to you!! Love you girl... if i even know half of who you are today i know you will pull through this. You spirit and determination will get you through!!

jucineia said...

Erin with God all things are possible!I love you,and iam praying,and praying maura is so blessed to have a mother like you.I am with you ,in my heart, soul,mind and every prayer.The Lord is kind and merciful,slow to anger, rich in kindness and he is watching over you and you family I know so.keep strong, i love you!

Anonymous said...


Jessica Bishea said...

May the love that enfolds you fill you so, that peace is your constant companion.

jucineia said...

"Foi Deus que fez o ceu, o rancho,e as estrelas, fez tambem o seresteiro para conversar com elas...Foi Deus que fez voce" ....We ,your brasiliam family will serenate God every day at 8pm with the one universal prayer OUR FATHER and dedicate it to maura and her family. Anyone and everyone who read this coment, please join us on our faith.We can't change God's plan, but he can.In one voice at the same time today and every day let's serenate the one who is the way,the truth,and the life, our GOD.God bless all of you!

Jim Coffey said...

Maura - I'm at a loss for words. Those who know me will be surprised.
I guess I'll just pray. I'm going to ask Matt to teach me how to fold cranes. I'm an engineer and we like to fix things. I hate it when I can't fix things.
- Jim Coffey (Matt's dad).

Sarah said...


Maura sounds so strong! Could you post a picture of her on this blog? I would like to put a face with the name of the person I have been praying for.

I have never met her, but I support you as a friend/fellow LSCS employee and Maura is a part of you.

I still have the bon-bons for Maura, but I am going to hang on to them until her appetite returns. Just let me know.


pattyweaver281 said...

I am so sorry your family is going through this horrible disease!
It kills me to see a beautiful and vibrant woman like Maura so sick!
Please know we are here for Maura and your entire family in any way needed!
We love you guy's! Your daughter has touched our life in so many way's....