Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good day

Maura had a good day with a decent amount of energy. She ate. Her nausea and pain were under control. She enjoyed the company of her sister and friends. Waiting isn't so hard when the days are like this. Thank you, God.

There are a couple of other sites with info about Maura:
Lydia is trying to get all the photos on
Kara has a facebook group with teal nail polish pictures called Let Terminate Toby the Tumor Together
And, of course, the infamous Lydia/Matt video from the hospital room is on YouTube. Just put Termination of Toby the Tumor in the Youtube Search box and it will pop up.

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Jeff Mohamed, said...

We're really glad to hear that Tuesday afternoon/evening and yesterday were better for Maura. Let's hope they find something that will help with the pain without dire side-effects. It's a pity marijuana isn't authorized for use as a pain and nausea suppressant here.

We're thinking of you all.

Jeff & Dee