Monday, June 9, 2008


Today Maura decided to buzz cut her hair off. Is it possible that she is even more beautiful than before? I never before noticed what great cheekbones she has, or how perfectly shaped her head is, or how beautiful her silhouette. So many beautiful features that were overshadowed by her long, thick, blondish hair are now fully visible. Simply stunning. What a gorgeous daughter I have!

We returned home from the hospital today. Hurray! White blood cell count is normal. Fever is gone. Pneumonia and other infections have been chased away.
Visiting hours are open. We'll be at the hospital on Wednesday and Friday morning but should be around most of the rest of the time.


dhbryan said...

Yeah! Yeah!! Yeah!!! So glad to hear she's home (gorgeous is pretty nice, too).

The Bryans

Larry said...

She is very beautiful, I have always thought so. Keep on fighting!

~Larry Parker
Fellow SHSU Music Student.

Nikki said...

Hooray Maura! What great news!!

Love you,

Beth said...

I saw the pictures on Matt's Facebook. She is the most beautiful woman. Inside and out.

Lauren said...
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Anonymous said...

i love the new do... it looks fab and she really does have a nice shaped head the pics are adorable

Lauren Turner

Amanda said...

I saw some pics and she does look AMAZING!!! So beautiful. My mom is in Houston and trying to come visit. I hope she successfully got in touch! :)

Wish I could be there! And I'm glad to hear she's doing better again. She really does look fabulous!

Best always,

Amanda Lipham

Flávio Nickel Noisy said...

Erin, we keep praying, you keep informing us, please!!!

Flávio and the Martins from Brazil

Megan said...

How true! I have always admired Maura's bone structure, and with her new hair style it is accentuated beautifully! It is a fighter look to match her fighter spirit- G.I. Maura!

Live strong!