Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Maura's white blood cell count is down to 0.3, but the clinic triage nurse still says that it is to be expected. Okay. I'm slightly freaked out by the low number, but okay. She feels crummy and she also had a fever tonight. It hovered around 101, the magic number when we are supposed to take her in to the emergency room, but quickly came back down to a safer number when she drank more liquids. She hates the drive to M D Anderson, so she worked hard to get them down. Thank you for praying and calling her and sending cards and notes.
Several of you have asked me when you can visit Maura. I'll check with the nurse about visitors because Maura really loves it when friends come over, and I hate to keep you away for too long.


SavedByGrace said...

In my nursing opinion, I just thought I would help if I can (I don't know what Maura's nurse will suggest) I would suggest finding a way to get some surgical masks - you can probably find them at any Walgreens or medical supply like PRN supplies on 1960. And require all visitors to properly wash their hands with good antibacterial soap, then that should suffice. As long as the visitors are healthy, and have not knowingly exposed themselves in anyway to someone who is sick. Also make sure that she is not around fresh flowers or fresh fruits of course. But even with patients who have a WBC of 0, that is all we require in the hospital. (also no small children) - I don't know if this helps but just thought I would pass it on! They may tell you something completely different though! Know that my prayers are with ya'll during this difficult time! ~Spring Stohler

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I'm thinking about Maura... All us De Pinto girls are!

-Dani De Pinto

Anonymous said...

Maura, I love you and miss you and I'm praying everyday that you grow stronger and will walk out of that hospital without a trace of anything in you.
I plan to see you in the Fall, pretty, so I'm going to keep praying.
I'm sorry I can't really visit you this summer, but know that I wish I could everyday...

<3 Hannah M.
My family and friends at home have you in their prayers as well.

Erin said...

Thanks, Spring.At home Maura uses a mask and in public she uses a mask. We also have signs posted on our front door telling everyone to wash their hands (or to decline to enter if they've been around sick people or are sick themselves, no matter how slight the illness) Glad to know that we're doing things right. Yes, it always helps to have "independent confirmation"