Monday, June 30, 2008


Maura has come through  this cycle of low everything with flying colors. Her WBC should be on its way up today. Her energy level yesterday was the highest we've seen in a long time.  She even got the tiniest bit cranky when someone ( tried to do too much for her. I love cranky! 


Anonymous said...

Hi, Erin---it was great to finally meet you in person! All the CELTA crew wish Maura the very best for a speedy recovery (even though we were remiss in painting our toes, we are teal in our hearts).

XOXOXO to all,

Chelsea said...

Hi Mrs. de Souza,
Would it be possible to visit Maura this week? Please let me know if she is available. I would love to come see her if she is feeling up to having visitors. Thank you.
Chelsea Snow

jucineia said...

Iam so excited ,I am getting cranky also.THANKYOU GOD!!!!!