Sunday, June 22, 2008

Round 2 of Chemo

Today Maura finished Round 2 of Chemo. In so many ways it was easier than Round 1. As an example, during Round 1, Maura's pulse rate hovered around 150 most of the time. During Round 2, her pulse rate stayed in a normal range until yesterday and today, when it got as high as 126, but not for too long, and that was primarily due to insufficient fluids. Her blood pressure has been low as well, but not as low or as often as during Round 1. She is exhausted; she feels very weak. She can't walk much. We used the wheelchair both yesterday and today. Dr. B had promised Maura that he was going to beat her down pretty hard over the next year or so. For Round 2 he changed the dosage of one of the chemo drugs to give her more over a shorter time period, which hits the tumors harder, but, of course, is also harder on Maura's body in general. Over the next seven or eight days, Maura's white blood cell count will tank again. We hope she will avoid pneumonia and other various and assorted infections this time.

One day, Maura and I were talking about this whole chapter in her life, and she said that it hasn't been difficult for her to find meaning during such a difficult time. "Not really," she said. "When I think of having cancer, I don't think about the pain of the last two months. I think about how good it is to have family and friends who love me so much."


Lauren said...

we do love her and that, as you have stated before, is one of the best things for her. I hope she has a fabulous birthday and i know all of us are thinking about her.

Lauren Turner

Sammy Green said...

Allison told me. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you in this trying time. I know your faith is strong. I do have to tell you a small world story. I was in Las Vegas last week and turned the tv on and was watching the Game Show network. Password was on....the old password. Greg Morris was the gueststar and also Mary ellen from the Waltons. One of the contestants looked familiar. Of course we all looked pretty much alike in the 70s. but then they called her "Erin". Could it be? Yes, it had to be Erin DeSouza....definately a small world. So I have been thinking of all of you since last week. Stay strong. The power of prayer is amazing.
Sammy Green

Beth said...

I love Maura and I really hope to come visit very soon. I hope ya'll have been able to celebrate her birthday today. She is such a precious gift, and I wish I knew of something I could give her that was anywhere near comparable.

Beth Buchanan

sweetmama said...

"Family and friends who love me"

Count me in!