Saturday, June 7, 2008


We came to the emergency room on Thursday morning because of Maura's fever, which spiked up to 102. They decided that she should be admitted to the hospital to receive IV antibiotics and fluids. She has multiple infections, but is responding to the medicine. She was dehydrated and has developed mouth/throat sores as a result of the chemo. By Friday afternoon she was noticeably better. And today, Saturday, her fever seems to be going down. God continues to bless us with hope, good medical care, faithful friends and family.


dhbryan said...

Wow, we have so under-appreciated white blood cells! Go good cells, go! Flee, fever, flee!

Am praying that you're home soon, Maura, to recover in more comfortable surroundings.

With love & prayers,
The Bryans

Elaine said...

Hi Maura, Erin and family: I learned of your situation from Joel here at the hospital while we were both working. Know that you are in my prayers. I want to stop by for a visit but respect the need for limited outside folks bringing in who knows what. Will continue to track the blog.
Love, Mrs. Eilers