Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Change of Plans

The doctor came in this morning with a slightly different plan. He is first recommending Maura for a Phase 2 trial of a drug that will knock down her platelets, but at least today's platelet level is just barely high enough to qualify for the trial, so he's going for it. Maura is optimistic. The research nurse came in to get consent forms and explain the protocol. The nurse practitioner came in to discuss lifestyle changes, eating, nausea and pain control. She gave Maura a boot camp pep talk. Maura will be discharged tomorrow, and, if all goes well, she might get her first treatment next week. Thanks for the prayers. Keep 'em coming. 


l.bell said...

my dear maura. you are constantly in my thoughts & prayers. i'm so glad katie told me about your blog. i love, love, love you.

Chelsea said...

Thinking of Maura always. xoxo Chelsea

JCorrea said...

I found this blog via facebook from Katie's update.

I really hope everything works out, especially the new Phase 2 drug. Maybe we can put together a platelet donation drive for Maura and everyone else undergoing chemotherapy for various cancer types.

Kelly Johnson Fontenot said...

I too got this blog through Katie... I am praying hard for Maura... she is amazing... I have now gone back and read all posts since the beginning, and her positive attitude does not surprise me in the least.

I love you Maura. I love the girl that made me laugh until I cried in choir... I love the girl that let Merriah blow her nose in her shirt b/c she couldn't take the runny nose... I love your compassionate nature and great spirit. I will pray for you every day.

Kelly 'Johnson' Fontenot

Jim Coffey said...

Oh my - when I read this last entry my brain started singing the "roller coaster" song that played in the disco in 1976 or so.
Hopefully you'll hear it and get a smile as you remember disco balls, saturday night fever, lighted dance floors, tight pants, big hair, and other 1970's foolishness.

Thus - I hereby nominate the roller coaster song as the official sound track for your next treatment. Somebody find a disco ball.

I couldn't find the lyrics, all I remember is dancing to the phrase "roller coaster" Hopefully the rest of the song isn't dirty or sad or anything embarassing.

I'm figuring that anyone who reads this blog is a kindred soul who "breaks out into song for no apparent reason."

Lots of love and prayers from the Coffey's to Maura, the family, Adam, and the rest of the SHSU gang.