Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Her Cancer Was Not YOUR Cancer

To Elsa, Healthy Lindsey, Kathy, Ray, Amanda, and to everyone else who has cancer or has a loved one with cancer:
Maura's cancer was not your cancer. I tell you nothing you don't already know, but allow me to say it anyway.
Maura's cancer was particularly aggressive (mitotic count 10/10, for those who care about such things). Most cancers are not.
But more than that, each body responds differently. Each person on the cancer journey draws on unique strengths. Each unique cancer interacts uniquely with each unique person.
While we all strive collectively, we cannot deny the personal nature of a life affected by cancer.
Please keep on living. You will be the one to survive. You will win. You will see your children get married and you will have grandchildren. Your life gives me hope and courage and meaning.


dhbryan said...

How like you, Erin, to turn from grieving to encouraging others. As you have been so lifted up throughout the ordeal of the past 13 months, may all of you now continue to use every opportunity to bless as you have been blessed. ~ Diana B., whose family was blessed by your family's foster care ministry so many years ago.

SLY said...

Erin, you are too beautiful and too gracious. You are also an amazing writer and storyteller. This was beautiful! So beautiful and encouraging.

Elsa D. said...

Dear Erin, I have been thinking of you. Not as someone that has a sarcoma but as a mother. Thank you for sharing Maura with us. I wish I lived closer to give you a hug, dear friend.
Thank you for the strength you continue to give me even at a time like this. I will continue to fight. Now, I have Maura's example to do with a smile and music in my heart.
Is it allright if I post one of the videos in my blog?


Erin said...

I am honored you want to post a video of Maura on your blog. Anything you want, friend.

Kathy said...

Thank you, Erin. Those of us with this Sarcoma relate to you and your story on many levels, as patients, as mothers, and just as human beings. I will fight on with Maura and all the others I have had the honor of meeting as inspiration and as teachers.

You should post some videos of Maura singing here. I would love to hear them and though Maura never really had the chance to travel while she was here, she can now in the cyberworld.

Myfanwy said...

SThere is strength in weakness. Who knows what we can withstand? Blessings to all of you in suffering

Joni Rodgers said...

There are two kinds of cancer survivors, Erin: First, there are those of us who've lived through diagnosis and treatment. Second, there are those who've loved someone with cancer, stood by their side through the difficult journey, and lived on, taking your loved one's hope and spirit into the future by creating for yourself the fullest, most joyful life possible.

It's WAY easier to be the first kind.

Peace and love to you today.