Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

We started the day with our traditional breakfast in bed for the honoree. Lydia and I were feeling particularly Brazilian (one of us by birth and the other by marriage) last night, so we bought lots of fruit, including papaya, mango, carambola, and blueberries. Okay, so blueberries aren't Brazilian, but so what? We made an avocado milkshake, verrrrry strong coffee, and served him hot bread with butter and queso fresco, which is the closest we could find to queijo minas. We also served him orange juice with champagne, which also may not be Brazilian, but, again, so what?
Lydia took Joel to an early movie, a guy movie. And we relaxed for an afternoon of soccer channel hopping between the Italy/Brazil game and the USA/Egypt game. Miraculously, USA made it to the next round, with a lot of help from Brazil. USA and Brazil both won their games 3-0. I hope it wasn't Father's Day in Egypt or Italy. After picking up Danielle from the airport, we saw another movie, but poor Joel was so tired, he fell asleep in the theatre.
We didn't talk about Maura today, but we thought about her a lot. I know we all did.
Today is the first of three special days in a row that will be hard for the whole family. Sunday, Father's Day; Monday, Danielle's birthday; and Tuesday, Maura's birthday. We miss her, but we managed to celebrate today, and we will celebrate tomorrow and Tuesday as well. It will be difficult, but, oh, well.
Joel is the best father in the world. He has loved his girls for thirty years. This past year he selflessly let me stay home with Maura while he continued to work, even though he would rather have been at Maura's side, too. I got the better end of that deal. He read to Maura almost every night. He cried and prayed for his daughter daily. And when she was close to dying, he held her in his arms, unable to hold back the tears. He is strong for the rest of us, and reminds us that she is in no more pain, that we will one day be reunited, and that she is happier now than we can ever imagine.


Anonymous said...

Erin, I cry almost every time I read your blogs. I think it's a mixture between joy and sorrow. Although I did not know Maura well, I can relate to the things you write. You have a gift and I thank God for giving you the words to touch my heart in my time of need-which no one knows about. I cannot offer enough gratitude. I can only pray that the Lord blesses you and your family beyond all belief. But then again, you had Maura. That's a blessing in itself.

God bless you.

Macarena said...

Boy Erin, As the person before me said, it is sooo hard not to cry when I read your posts. But part of the crying is the way you touch our feelings. What a writer you are! Oh, and what a woman too! I am soo glad you were able to celebrate Joel and the father he is!! And I know it is hard, but each one of you need the celebrations you each one has.
Have a great week Dear friend!

SLY said...

This week will be a hard but beautiful week for your family. I am sending all the energy of love I have inside me towards your family right now.

Anonymous said...

Danielle - I just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I know it will be a tough one to celebrate, but I know that Maura is celebrating with you and watching over you. I miss you very much!

dhbryan said...

My first thought was "they never get a break"; to have these two celebrations on top of Maura's birthday is very bittersweet. However, what is the alternative? You wouldn't want to forget Maura, so to remember her (and your loss) on top of the things you celebrate is something you would choose (like in the Tim Russert story) over not having experienced her life. Joel is a wonder father; this year cemented that fact. Happy Birthday, Danielle. May this year be one of healing and growth as God uses this in new works. ~ Diana

Kim Coffey said...

Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts your way today. Although I know there will be sadness I also hope you can find joy today as celebrate Maura. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

I have thought of Maura often today and of your family. We share the same birthday so I will always think of her on this day.

I'm praying for sweet thoughts and heavenly comfort to be your companions on this day when your pain will be sharp.

Please know that Maura will not be forgotten and that the Univeristy Heights Baptist Church family misses her....especially me .

God bless!
Sarah Rogers

Anonymous said...

Dear Erin -

We have never met, and likely never will. I did not know Maura, but I knew her story because of the unbreakable bond she had with Kara. For months I have kept up with her story through your blog, but have never commented because I felt it was out of place since I didn't know her. However, each time I read your posts or see her face on the blog, I am reminded of the precious and fleeting nature of life. After so many reminders, I can't help but let you know how many people Maura has touched many lives she has put into perspective, how many days she has brightened, and how many prayers were lifted up on behalf of a perfect stranger. I can hear your intense love for her in the words you write and in the pictures of Maura's beautiful face with friends and family that are scattered on Facebook. I can not begin to imagine the pain your family is experiencing, but know that you are loved and held in prayer by many, even those you have never met.

I pray that your days will be filled with sweet memories, blessings, hope, and God's peace.

Elsa D. said...

Your post is beautiful and you left me com agua na boca with the description of the Brazilian breakfast. Abra├žos ao super pai.