Friday, June 5, 2009

Maura's Story on Channel 13-- click here

Click on the title of this blog entry to get to the Channel 13 story and video.
I don't know why I am having trouble embedding this video, too. But the ABC Channel 13 story about Maura was very well done. Reporter Christi Myers put together video clips of Maura performing the role of Mabel in Pirates of Penzance just one week before discovering that she had a tumor, interview clips with her doctor, her sisters, and mom and dad, a piece of the graduation, and footage of Maura while she was in the hospital, just days before her death. Best of all, sarcoma was mentioned by name and Dr. B. was shown talking about the difficulty of getting funds for research to find a cure. He spoke very kindly of Maura. I was glad they put that part in there as well.


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Just returned from China and caught the news on Channel 13 by accident. I was informed of Maura's funeral while I was in China. was blocked there, so all the info was sent to me via email. Thanksfully, I was able to Google news there, so I read the previous reports about Maura (and cried). Yesterday was the first time I saw Maura's report on TV. I cried again, but then I saw you and Joel on TV, as strong as ever. The news report was very good; Maura was absolutely beautiful and happy, surrounded by families, friends, and lots of love. I felt I shouldn't be crying. Maura is at peace now.


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Carlos and I were also just watching the news when they gave a preview of the upcoming news and happened to see that it was on Maura so we watdx to see the report. As you mention it was really great. I was impressed by the doctor. He really seems as a very caring man. I know that as sad as Maura's death is, it is just touching so many lives and hopefully it will bring out more interest in research and in helping scientists find a cure for this terrible illness. And Erin, I can't stop being amazed by you Joel as well as Lydia and Danielle.
I just read Lydia's blog.You have a super family!! What an amazing woman Lydia is! So candid, and real and funny. I cried when I read, but I also laughed. And I found out she's getting married. That is great and give you all an ocassion to celebrate. Congratulations. I know that it will be a hapy ocassion for you all.
Thanks again for sharing with us Erin!

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You are so blessed to have all these modes for keeping memories of Maura. The grace with which you've all handled this is almost as rare as the sarcoma. Thank you for sharing, once again. ~ Diana

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Maura and the rest of your family have touched me so deeply. Thank you so very much.

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Erin, how are you?

I was able to copy paste the video to my blog (don't know how...)