Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today I received a beautiful card from a friend with a photo of sunflowers. The card reminded me of Maura. I had a sunflower charm and an M charm placed on the same link of Maura's charm bracelet, which I inherited, and then did the same for her sisters' bracelets. I told myself that I would now be able to take off the rubber bracelets that I've been wearing--the yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet given to Maura by a cancer survivor, and the teal-colored LIVE TEAL bracelet that her friends had made for her. But Kitty said I should find someone to pass them on to, someone who might need a little more strength to get through another cancer day.
I found out today that the young (20's) son of a colleague has just been diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma. I think I'll pass my bracelets on to him and to his mom. Even though teal is supposed to be the color for ovarian cancer and yellow is supposed to be for sarcoma, I don't think it matters. Nobody's going to think he has ovarian cancer.


cofuzz said...

I think Ms. Maguire is right and I think their destination couldn't be more appropriate, in spite of the designated colors for individual cancers.
What matters is what's inside those bracelets -- a long history of love, and of strength in the face of an impossible battle.
I hope you can pass those on to your colleague's son.

Chelsea Snow said...

My mom has a sunflower growing in our backyard that just fully bloomed. She named it Maura! I think the name is much prettier than the flower.

Kathy said...

When I was first diagnosed, a co-worker of one of my best friends sent me a LIVESTRONG bracelet and a bracelet that said HOPE from the American Cancer Society. I was very touched by that gesture. Her coworker was also a Sarcoma survivor and his additional words of encouragement were what I needed to hear. He told me he wore his bracelets throughout his treatment and recovery as a reminder to be strong. I put them on and they have stayed on my wrist for over three years now. I passed on the tradition recently when a bowling teammate of mine was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. She received her bracelet along with words of encouragement from me.
Your coworkers son will appreciate this gesture more than you think.

Seana said...

Erin, I have followed Maura's story since about a week before she went to be with Jesus. I didn't know her personally but I have friends who do and they were begging for prayers for Maura...which I was happy to do. I actually saw her in "Your a good man Charlie Brown" Back when she was at Spring. I wasn't lucky enough to get to know her though. I just wanted to send you a little note of encouragment. I have a 1 year old daughter and can't imagine what you are going through, but just know that I hurt with you. As do SO many others. I know none of us hurt quite like you do though, and it's okay to hurt. God is with you always, as you know. I pray for you and your family, I pray for continued peace and healing in your hearts. Healing that only God can give you in time. I also wanted to encourage you to pray about writing a book. Not only could you increase awarness of the need for sarcoma research, and share Maura with the world, but most importantly you could Glorify God in a mighty way. Glorify him through Maura's cancer, and possibly lead people to salvation through it. May God Bless you Erin, May he Bless you and your family in a BIG way! I am so thankful to have been able to follow Maura's story and so thankful that you are here to bring a little comfort to those who are struggling with cancer today. Thank you so much for continuing with this blog. We all care about you, and we all want to know how you are doing. We have come to love you just as much as we loved Maura. Peace be with you Erin!!! -Seana Johnson kwj8989@aol.com