Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maura's Story

We were interviewed this afternoon and Maura's Story aired on our local Fox station tonight, just one day after Maura's death. We think that Mr. Stipes did a wonderful job of putting together a sensitive and loving portrait of our daughter. She would be happy to know that her story may increase sarcoma awareness, although, unfortunately, sarcoma was not specifically mentioned in the story.
Click on the blog entry title to be linked to the written story on line.


Amanda said...

she is just truly amazing. i feel so blessed to have had her in my life for so long, to have every precious memory- nothing can take that away. she has given new meaning to my own life, and i will try my best and hardest to honor her in everything I do.

i hope to travel the world too, and when i do, i know maura will be right there with me.

i love you all, always and forever. you were always my second family, and maura will always be my sister in my heart.

love, amanda lipham

Anonymous said...

People will go to the story and then view the blog site. Awareness will be very much in the light. Many are already fighting for cancer research and those people who many know around the world know her story. This was a beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter. Thank you for sharing it with so many people.

Jorunn said...

Hello, you do not know me, but I am a good friend of Chelsea Snow. I first heard about Maura last year, when I lived together with Chelsea in Grenoble, and now I got the sad news that she passed away. I am truly sorry for you and everyone who has lost this amazing girl. I am really touched by this story and how her school brought the graduation ceremony to her at the hospital.

All my warm blessings goes to her and her family and friends.

I live in Norway at the moment and we don't use cheques.. is there a possibility that I can wire money somehow to donate to the Maura fund?

Love from Jorunn Øyna

Erin said...

Jorunn, you may write to either of the charities-the hospital or the university--and they will be able to send instructions for a wire transfer. Many thanks.

Chelsea Snow said...

Hi Erin,
The de Souzas are such a strong and amazing family. I cannot express what a privilege and honor it was to be allowed to sit at Maura's side at your home. Thank you a million times over for letting me stay with you. Your inspiration and love have touched families and friends all over the world. It is a blessing to know the de Souzas.

Chelsea Snow

Anonymous said...

A Life of Legacy,
It's an amazing thing how God can turn a situation into a blessing. Maura's story is an inspiration to all. In her 22 Years of life, she has left a legacy. She has lived a life of strength, wisdom, dedication, love, inspiration, and determination. Just as the sun shined upon her here on earth, she smiles and glows like never before in Heaven. She is welcomed in the heavenly gates with open and arms. As Jesus takes her hand it just be minutes until she turns around and we will once again be joined again, along side her singing praises with the heavenly angels.
To the DeSouza Family: You have been blessed with the opportunity of raising such; an amazing women. She has lived life and left such an empowering legacy. That is something you should be proud of. I'm honored God introduced her in my life. She was not only gifted in song, but she was gifted in character. Thank you, Thank you for your years of hard work and dedication in raising such a beautiful Angel. Her music and Legacy lives on, she will always remain a ray of light to others in their time needed. Thank you Maura for you ray of sunshine. You've allowed God to take you through this amazing journey here on earth, use you in extraordinary ways, and touch the hearts and lives of individuals everywhere. It's a life well live and never forgotten, its your legacy. Maura has lived a life of strength, motivation, inspiration, determination, and power. We love you Maura and we will see you very,very soon!!

With love,
Nicole Musquiz

Anonymous said...

Erin and Joel,
Thanks again for sharing your story with the world. The Fox News report was so touching and I am glad I was able to see it even though we are in Ga. at the moment.
Erin, I'm sending you a big, warm hug just like the ones you give!!

Anonymous said...


Your blog has been amazing, as has the faith of your family. I think with your god given talent, you need to write a book to honor your daughter and to help others who are going thru what your family has gone thru. Not everyone has the faith your family does, but you can help other families, by getting Maura's story out there. My love to you and your family during this difficult time.

A friend from the Maersk Chicago Family....